Thriving in Ministry@VTS

Thriving in Ministry@VTS launched two years ago with our initial six peer learning communities and the twelve mentors who facilitate the conversations. David Gortner and Carol Pinkham Oak shaped the learning experience to honor the automony of adult learners because adults bring a lot of experience and prior knowledge to all learning. The learning process also utilizes our Thriving Impact Map, six dimensions that contribute to thriving in parish ministry. The Thriving Impact we seek for the peer communities are: connection to colleagues, setting individual learning goals, conflict agility, collaborative & lay leadership, connect with the wider community, and renewing spiritual practices Over the past two years the Thriving@VTS team, which now includes Charlotte Greeson, has learned with and from the peer learners and from the mentors.   We are launching our next cohort of peer communities.  Here is the description that will appear over the next few weeks:

“Thriving in Ministry seeks clergy eager to strengthen the uniqueness of their ministry and leadership. An initiative funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and offered through Viriginia Theological Seminary, Thriving in Ministry provides mentored peer learning for Episcopal priests in specific contextual cohorts. Our peer learning communities include: school focused ministries (school chaplains and rectors), new mission efforts (church planters, and community organizer and evangelist priests), women expanding in leadership (including cathedral deans), Ethnic Ministries priests (Asian, Latinx, and African American), and clergy couples. There are such unique challenges and opportunties, strengths and capacities for each of these ministry contexts.  We provide space to dig deeply into these conversations and opportunites for growth. This is how we engage both our knowledge and our experience to be fully alive and present as leaders who spread the reconciling love of Christ.

For more information visit or email Applications are accepted through April 24.”

Please share our Thriving offer with your colleagues.  In a conversation now with a colleague in a similiar ministry context? Consider applying together for one of the peer communities.  Wondering if this is for you now, or in the future?  Thinking a one-on-one conversation would be helpful to understand more?  Email us and we are glad to arrange a phone or zoom call.

In order to be a member of a peer community, there is a required training the week of September 28-October 2, 2020.

Thriving in Ministry@VTS guides you to invest in your thriving!

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