Pre Lent preparations

Last year, I cleaned my pantry closets on Shrove Tuesday. It was a job that needed doing and a symbolic day seemed like a good time to set aside a couple of hours.

What surprised me was how literally cleansing it was both for the shelves and for my inner self. I threw away half used, out dated, and hope to make that recipe someday dried up ingredients. I was not aware of the inner connection of at the time. There was out dated stuff there that needed to go too. Wiping down the shelves opened up new places in me too. And again, it was not until the job was finished that I appreciated the spiritual connection of my inner life in Christ to my pantry.

This year I will be away from my pantry so I cannot go back to that spiritual practice.

Instead, I am going to begin an internet fast Saturday through Monday. I’ll be off the grid. I won’t check how many have read my blog posts. Like last year’s surprise spiritual experience of cleaning the pantry, I am curious what this electronic fast will bring.

When I’m back on line on Shrove Tuesday, I’ll let you what I discovered, what I learned. I would love to listen to your Pre Lent preparations and surprises you discover.

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