Sermon by Michael Gerson

On February 17 the Washington Post columnist, Michael Gerson, offered the sermon at the National Cathedral. View it by going to  On my phone I can scroll down to videos.  February 17, 2019@11:15 A.M. is featured prominently and is an easy click to open the video.

Here are some of the ways Spiritual Leaders, clergy and lay, can learn from this sermon:

  • We never know the active, questioning, and deeply thoughtful faith lives that are unfolding in our pews until someone asks them to tell their story. Michael Gerson describes his journey as finding and practicing Christianity through The Episcopal Church.
  • The sermon affirms the best of Anglican ethos of integrating Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience
  • For preachers, the message is extremely well crafted
  • The integrity of Michael Gerson’s message is compelling
  • His self disclosure is a powerful and dramatic witness to compassion, wellness, and love
  • His topic, which is not political, should capture the attention of everyone who is caring for a congregation.


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