Is a FB post enough?

Is a FB query and comments enough leadership guidance for entry into a new ministry?  The FB question was very specific about transition to a new parish.  The comments illustrated good experience.  And, while social media gets information out quickly I was hesitant to add a comment.  I could not make a quick answer to an important process.

First, there was so much more I wanted to know.  How has the person engaged transition before, what is that particular parish’s experience with transition, who are the other team members for transition, what are the communication patterns, leadership expectations and even gender expectation.  This may seem to be overly analytic but a transition process can be simple yet take into account these dimensions.

Second, I wanted the transition process to be more than suggestions for how-to from FB.  How a new leader enters a congregation (and how the leader exits) shapes the relationships that are the foundation of the ministry.

Finally, I wanted to go beyond comments to conversation. Please share with me, Are others interested in exchanging ideas about leaving and entering?  Are others interested in developing a strategy that is simple yet take into account your strengths as well as your congregations strengths?  Are others interested in a conversation about who supports the process, what is the check-in along the way.  Let me know what you want to talk about and let’s try to create a conversation.



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