On Saturday in Washington, DC I marched with my daughter, my closet friend, and at least 500,000 others for the dignity of all people.   Now ,the inner confirmation that I acted, I spoke, I marched generates within me hope for the many, many, days ahead for the work that needs to be done.

The support for the marchers began as soon as we departed the busses from RFK Stadium.  The neighborhood of East Capital Street, which runs from the less desirable real estate near the stadium to the very desirable real estate near the Capital Building, prepared our welcome. Almost every yard had a lawn sign, black background with white letters. On the lawn signs were different quotes from The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I recalled how my mentors in the church described going to Selma to march with King. I recalled how they worked, and marched, and acted, and spoke.  I live in their aftermath still marching and speaking for human dignity. My daughter will march in my aftermath. Dignity will move forward but it does so one person at a time.

Spiritual Leadership means believing not in what I can do but in what “We” can do. That “We” can span generations. The motivation is not to control the variables to get a task done but the motivation is for creating a lasting change for another human being. Many marches were members of churches, synagogues, mosques and other communities of worship.  Many were not members of any faith community.  But we were not there to show our religious affiliation.  We were there to show our fundamental human affiliation.  That is the foundation of leadership.  And that will be the place to start building the aftermath of this march.



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