Welcome Learners, Leaders, and Wanders

Spiritual Leaders is a regular blog post to explore both the dimensions of leadership and the dimensions of spirituality.  I write as a Christian.  Yet, my inspiration that opens me to learning comes from many faith traditions and points of view.  For example, yesterday I listened to On Being’s interview with Gordon Hempton, an environmental audiologist. At the conclusion of the program, as they discussed silence, I could match their words with the teaching of Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, and the practice of Centering Prayer.

My intention for this blog is to open for my readers ways to wonder how leading and faith practice are intertwined.  I’ve meet contemplative gynecologists, cranky monks, faith teachers who literally breath their faith and others who try to keep faith and leadership in separate boxes.  We are all on a spectrum.  What matters most to me is that we are learning, wondering, integrating and understanding how our God, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit (to use Christian terms) is shaping us to be in this world, in this place, in this time, now.

This Spiritual Leaders blog is part of my larger project, The Network for Spiritual Leaders. As the blog grows and the Network grows update, resources, mentoring and more will be added.  Let me know your questions.  Write and describe your wonderings, wanderings ,and what you need to serve for and with the people around you.

Thank you for being a reader and a participant.

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